Huge SpiderVerse shoot (BTS, video, all the things!)

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When I was contacted a few months ago to be the photographer for an upcoming shoot involving a lot of members from the Spiderverse, little did I know that it would eventually end up with over fifteen people on the roof of a parking garage in downtown Columbus on a HOT day getting some of the most amazing (or maybe even spectacular hahaha) shots I have got to date.  As the group started to take shape over the past two months I got pretty excited because in addition to some top notch Spiderman cosplayers that I knew, I saw characters that don't get enough love such as Sandman, HobGoblin, Carnage and Scream would also be represented.  

Location was a big concern so everyone started scouting and while a couple of suggestions were made nothing ever really clicked as "This is the place" until I parked for Matsuricon in the basement of the Front Street Nationwide parking garage.  During the convention I had a friend show me some pictures that he took with his cell phone on top of a nearby parking garage and my jaw hit the floor. IT WAS PERFECT!!!  I have always loved parking garages so I went to the top and once I saw the skyscrapers right next to it and potential for shots I started shooting some video and taking panoramas to show the group.  I uploaded the scouting shots to the group and everybody agreed this was the spot to do the shoot. Panorama or RooftopPanorama or RooftopPanorama or Rooftop

11222717_145087542496125_9051518104914210687_o11222717_145087542496125_9051518104914210687_o We picked up some people, we lost some people due to schedules, adulting and other such things (as you do in a shoot this big), but still ended up with a very strong showing of heroes and villains alike.  The morning of the shoot as I was prepping my gear, going over my checklists and listening to my jams getting ready I had no clue how many people would actually show up (you know how Facebook events are) but I knew that we were going to have a blast.  When I arrived at the parking garage I looked around and nobody was parked up top so I turned my radio off and hear music and laughter so I followed that.  What a great way to start a shoot!  People had already started to get there and get their gear on, talk to each other, play music and have a good time.  We gave it a little bit to make sure we have everyone who was coming and started shooting.

Since I don't shoot large groups much I had them set up to shoot one at a time, looking back if I am the only photographer I think we could have three or four groups nearby working on getting their poses and location lined up and when I am done with one move to the next so there is less waiting around time for all the cosplayers.  Nobody seemed to mind too much (though it was insanely hot that day - ESPECIALLY on the roof, everyone did fantastic and we made it through the day without anyone melting so I call that a win!

Gallery for the SpiderVerse shootShot at: Colunbus, OHRead the full blog post at

Posted by The Portrait Dude - Cosplay Photography on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

At the end of the day I had an absolutely fantastic time with everyone and am so thankful for such a great group of friends.  Check out their social media pages below, send them some likes and let them know The Portrait Dude sent you!

Blitzkrieg Cosplay as The Punisher

Kimberley Kemp as Mary Jane

Spiderman Big Time (Blue Variant)

Black suit/ Symbiote Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man

Future Foundation Spider-Man


Female Spiderman - Dark Nightingale Cosplay

Male Spiderman - Dancing Mad Cosplay

Venom, Carnage and Scream - Dark Iron Productions
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