Matsuricon Turbo Shoot Contest (Win Free Pictures, Buy One Get One Coupons)

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Matsuricon Turbo Shoot ContestMatsuricon Turbo Shoot ContestMatsuricon Turbo Shoot Contest

I didn't think I was going to be able to make it to Matsuricon this year, but after some plans shuffling around I will be there Friday and Saturday and will be bringing my Turbo Shoots as well. Turbo Shoots are a perfect way to get awesome pics if you:

  1. Can't or haven't booked a shoot for your costume.
  2. Are debuting a new awesome costume!
  3. Have a favorite costume that only has cell phone shots or selfies.
  4. Don't want to book with a new photographer (me!) without checking him out first.
  5. If you already have a group shoot planned why not bring them over to a Turbo??? your friends will thank you when they see the awesome pics they get from it :-)


First the prizes!! If you bring the most people with you and win you get the following:

  • The group organizer gets a free copy of each picture that I take of them during the Turbo Shoot (typically 2-4 images depending on how many are there). Value of this is $20 per image and you get your pictures stored in a customized personal gallery.
  • In addition to that EVERYBODY in the winning group that you bring will receive a coupon for "Buy 1 picture Get 1 free" for any of their images that they choose to purchase from the Turbo Shoot.  

 The rules are simple:

  1. Gather as many friends IN COSPLAY to be shot as you can with you to come to any of the designated Turbo Shoot times. (You need to be registered at the link above to get updates on when and where to meet).
    • Friday from 7:00PM-8:00PM (LOCATION TBD)
    • Saturday from 1:00PM-2:00PM (LOCATION TBD)
    • Sunday 5:30PM-6:30PM (LOCATION TBD)
    1. You and as many of your friends as can register at the bottom of the page so I have your information to send the gallery link to. Registering isn't necessary for the group but it IS for the organizer.
    2. Please share this post on your social media (buttons at the top of the page) saying you are going to one of my Turbo Shoots and tag any of your cosplay friends that you think would like to come. (For more information on Turbo Shoots in general click here)
    3. ​ALL GROUPS COUNT AS ONE ENTRY (Example you bring one group Friday, another Saturday, another Sunday.  They don't add up - each counts as a separate entry).  Whoever has the biggest group at any of the three Turbo Shoot sessions will be contacted as the winner.
    4. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE CODE - The group leader will be contacted to notify they won so PLEASE make sure your leader has your contact info (email) so we can let you know you won.
    5. "I HAVE ANOTHER FRIEND COMING IN TEN MINUTES..." - Nope, sorry.  All people in your group must be together when counted.  If your friend walks up during the counting process, sure that's fine.  But once the count is done, it's done.

In the instance of a tie both groups win the prize. If more than two groups tie.....we'll talk about it there and figure something out based on the situation hahaha.



Go to the crossroads hallway right by the main registration room (there is a Starbucks sign nearby) and go to towards the main convention center towards the large, open room with the escalators where you can pull up and drop people off at the entrance. Turbos will be at the bottom of the escalator nearest the Registration room (pics below I can't words good LOL). IMG_0539.JPGIMG_0539.JPG 2016-08-20 09_11_50-Columbus, Ohio - Google Maps2016-08-20 09_11_50-Columbus, Ohio - Google Maps 2016-08-20 09_11_19-Greater Columbus Convention Center - Google Maps2016-08-20 09_11_19-Greater Columbus Convention Center - Google Maps


 Atrium Room - Meet at the top of the escalators, in front of the elevators (i.e. take escalators up and walk over to elevators).  Unless something changes Turbos will be held near the elevators along the wall. File_000File_000



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