The Portrait Dude | ConSchedule and Booking Information (The Portrait Dude)

Step 1:
If you are new and need detailed package information click the banner below (Note that the banner for Step 2 has the latest and greatest info and supercedes this if there is a discrepency):
TPD Package DetailsTPD Package DetailsTPD Package Details


Step 2:

2017_ClickBanner2017_ClickBanner Here is my current convention list. If a link is active it means bookings are currently open:

2018 Convention List:

Definitely going to these:



MAYBE going to these:

  • Wizard World Chicago, IL
  • Animazement
  • Colossalcon East
  • NYCC
  • Rocky Mountain Con 

    (All conventions are subject to update at any time based on current life events going on).

Step 3:
After you have booked your session click the banner below to enter in the character details, your contact and social media information for the shoot.

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