Why The Form?
As you all know Social Media can be a bit of a monster sometimes.  Posting, tagging, making sure everything is just so can be a time consuming process. As a cosplay photographer it is my job to make sure you all not only LOOK awesome, but also are properly credited in everything I post and tag, no matter what social media I am using at the moment.  

What Will It Be Used For?
That being said I am starting a project that will help me keep everyone's information straight so when we do a shoot, I look you up and all your social info is there and available. All information is voluntary and will only be available to me and me alone (I do need your name to index stuff). Initially my goal is to use it to keep everything straight so I don't miss something.

I also get asked (quite a bit) by conventions, sporting venues, charities, etc. if I know of any local cosplayers who fit a certain theme they are looking for (Disney night, Star Wars, Super Hero, etc) or even to guest at conventions (hence the questions about guesting and judging experience). IF YOU CHOOSE TO and ONLY if you choose when I am asked if you match up for what they are looking for in their area I can pass along your contact email so they can contact you. Again this is TOTALLY VOLUNTARY and not really the main reason I am starting this at all, but I see it as a possible benefit to people who want to do more of that stuff.

Future Plans
I do have some future plans for an upcoming project that I will need beta testers on. I can't go into details, but registering here will also get you the opportunity to be in on the first wave of people to be able to beta test when it is ready.  It's something that will be very handy to cosplayers of all walks, but won't be ready for a little while yet.