Follow these instructions to download your images from your personal directory using your desktop computer.  

Both the hi-rez (unwatermarked) and the web resolution (watermarked) files are available from your personal directory.

The Portrait Dude: Download InstructionsThe Portrait Dude: Download InstructionsThe Portrait Dude: Download Instructions


(**NOTE: When using the "All Available Originals" option for more than one image it gives you an extra screen now. Follow the instructions below to use this**

  1. Click on the gallery link you received in your email.
  2. Click any of the images.
  3. Click the download icon at the top (the one with the arrow down)
  4. Select "All available originals"
  5. Since there are multiple images, the following screen gives you the option to receive an email if the file size takes a while to prepare. You want to click the link that ends in .zip
  6. Enter the password given to you in the field that will pop up.
  7. Click the Download button.
  8. Your download should start. (Depending on your settings, you may be asked where to save your files, or it may download to your default download directory.