Follow these instructions to select your favorite images from your session.  

Follow the link you received in your email and you can skip step 1 because it will take you directly to your gallery.
Email Example:
2016-01-23 02_16_05-Greenshot capture form2016-01-23 02_16_05-Greenshot capture form

Instructions: (Desktop is the preferred method to select your images)

2016-01-19 12_54_55-The Portrait Dude2016-01-19 12_54_55-The Portrait Dude


2016-01-19 12_56_28-The Portrait Dude2016-01-19 12_56_28-The Portrait Dude



2016-01-19 12_56_50-The Portrait Dude2016-01-19 12_56_50-The Portrait Dude



2016-01-19 12_57_09-The Portrait Dude2016-01-19 12_57_09-The Portrait Dude



2016-01-19 12_57_55-The Portrait Dude _ Login or Register2016-01-19 12_57_55-The Portrait Dude _ Login or Register





Click Close to close the Popup.
2016-01-19 12_58_33-The Portrait Dude2016-01-19 12_58_33-The Portrait Dude










2016-01-19 12_58_43-The Portrait Dude2016-01-19 12_58_43-The Portrait Dude








Once you save your selection under the new name you can click "Share Favorites" In the upper right hand corner

2016-01-19 12_58_56-The Portrait Dude2016-01-19 12_58_56-The Portrait Dude







Add Title for your Favorite Set (Character - Cosplayer Name - Convention would be very helpful)
Add any notes you have for particular images in the message section.
Click Share to send it to my work Queue on my website.


















If you need the specific file name of the image for your comments it can be found by mousing over the image while viewing your favorites in the lower right corner.











Once I receive your selections I will process them in the order that they are received.  If you booked your session I will put them in your own personal directory on my website (Turbo shoots are delivered differently). Both the hi-rez (unwatermarked) and the web resolution (watermarked) files are available from your personal directory on your desktop or mobile device.

2016-01-23 02_35_00-The Portrait Dude _ BelleChere_LadyGambit_CCE2014Downloading your Images - Mobile Friendly

I have spent a lot of time designing this workflow to be super easy for you to have access to everything we have shot at any time, any where and to be a valuable resource to you to promote your cosplay.  

I truly appreciate you choosing me to capture the hard work that you put into what you do and know that we are going to create something awesometastic together when we shoot!