Everybody wants a unique and memorable wedding.  I have never once heard a bride say "I just want a plain, boring wedding", but so many times that is exactly what people settle for because "I'm just not creative", or "I can't afford a huge decorating budget".  The internet is an amazing wealth of ideas, a lot of which can be done on a budget.  However, planning a wedding doesn't leave a lot of extra time to do research and do really dig through the massive amount of content to dig out the truly creative and standout ideas.  

Fortunately for you, I have taken a lot of the time out of your the time to sift through to some truly unique (and inexpensive!) ideas that can give your wedding day that special touch that will have people talking for a long, long time.

  1. Locations
  2. Samples from various locations
  3. Possible link to local resources for brides to plan
  4. Check list of must have iPhone apps for wedding planning with links
  5. Recommendations to the bride and groom 


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