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Matsuricon 2016 Construction Report

August 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


(**UPDATED 8/18**)
What is up guys?  As Matsuricon creeps up on us many of you guys are in a fevered frenzy to finish your costumes , some of us are editing like mad to clear our backlog before the con and still others are somewhere sipping cocoa watching Steel Metal Alchemist for the tenth time thinking "I still have time" (at this point you really don't dude, you're kinda hosed." Many of us were there for Ohayocon in January and saw all the massive amount of remodeling that was being done and how it affected many people's convention experience because many people just assumed everything would be like it always was.  Much is the same with Matsuricon, but if you take a look at the panorama pics I took of the area below you will see there are still plenty of places to hang out, take pictures and enjoy the convention.  Please keep in mind that this was during my quick walkthrough on Wednesday night 8/17 and things may change before the con opens.  There are some big changes though that I should point out:

First and foremost of all The Matsuricon page has the official construction release on what is supposed to be done for the con.  Please refer to that for up to date information.  Below is just pictures I took myself and my observations and is in no way meant to supercede the official page. Also some handy links to get you started:


Now that we have that out of the way here is what I found:


  • If you plan on parking at the convention center itself (the entrance beneath the Food Court (exiting from E. Nationwide Blvd.) be careful as many of the directional signs in the parking garage are partially or totally obstructed by low hanging pipes.  I assume the signage will be replaced some day but for now some of the signs are hard, if not impossible to read when you need them. I also saw a number of workers on ladders in the middle of the driving lanes with caution cones around them as they worked so please exercise extra caution when parking. IMG_0501.JPGIMG_0501.JPG IMG_0504.JPGIMG_0504.JPG
  • When I tried to park for my shoot today at the Nationwide Parking Garage (exiting from N. Front Street) they had a sign that the parking garage was closed for rennovations and only monthly parking was allowed.  I asked one of the booth attendants if it would be open for this weekend since many people (including myself) park there and walk over via the skywalk and she said she didn't know for sure, so be aware that option may or may not be closed.


  • (UPDATE - Dear God in heaven people are losing their minds over the Food Court thing.  Update to previous post the Food Court will be under construction but still have some of the places open. Thanks to Taylor Cody Richard for the pic below showing the construction and what was currently available)
  • foodcourtfoodcourt
    The Food Court area had signs up that "Food Court closed at this time for renovation" but it looks like only part of it is sectioned off and the vendors are still open. and the access doors to the whole area were closed off (including the second level overlook of it by the large neon sign). As always please have snacks on you in case you, or a friend needs a pick me up (especially if you are diabetic).
    IMG_0491.JPGIMG_0491.JPG IMG_0496.JPGIMG_0496.JPG


  • The main atrium itself (where the massive steps are) looked business as usual on the first floor (except the Food Court doors being closed). Where I did notice a big difference was on the second level in front of the elevators.  The hallway section there that runs from the restaurant/bar area towards the food court was about half the normal width because of a large wall they had up and a lot of overhead work that was being done.  They had numerous signs on the wall itself, but please people don't lean, push or bang on any construction walls you see.  They are there to protect both the workers and us so be aware of where they are and give them room.  

IMG_0500.JPGIMG_0500.JPG IMG_0492.JPGIMG_0492.JPG


  • This is the area where there has previously been a round information kiosk (If you go from the Food Court to the hotel lobby of the Hyatt Regency) and looks VERY different.  Lots of tables are here now and it looks to have renovations completed on it.
  • IMG_0499IMG_0499


  • Construction is done on "The Skinny Hall" that many of us ran into (literally) at Ohayocon this past year. We have a whole new pattern of con carpet to admire as well as some potentially cool wood paneling on some of the walls that may make cool backdrops   for pictures. IMG_0497.JPGIMG_0497.JPG


  • If this is different than what you heard from somebody, please don't gripe at me about it.  I honestly don't care what somebody told you - the only purpose of this is to show people what I saw the situation to be with my own eyes ahead of time so they weren't blindsided.  
  • As always reference the official Matsuricon Page and the new Matsuricon 2016 app (iOS and Android compatible) for up to date info, maps and.....just stuff.

If you need a map of where something is at the con check the Matsuricon map page as well as the new Matsuricon 2016 app (iOS and Android compatible).  It will save you a ton of time, trust me.

Turbo Shoots at Matsuricon
Also if any of you want pictures in your costumes, but don't want to book a shoot, or don't have time I will be offering my Turbo Shoots at Matsuri (One Session Friday and two sessions Saturday).  If you aren't familiar with Turbo Shoots click the banner for more details and make sure to register so you will receive text notifications of time and place of the shoots. There is no cost to shoot, and you only purchase the images you like.

That's it for now guys! I hope this helped you be a little more prepared for Matsuricon and I for one am looking forward to a fun weekend shooting cosplay photograph, hanging with old friends, making new friends and (as always) hatching them Pokemon Go eggs as I walk all over the frickin place. Fire up your Incubators and 10K eggs people, Matsuricon is upon us!

If you want to follow me on social media for my shenanigans (technically since I am a guy would that be HE-nanigans?  Hmmmmmm) you can find me at the following places:

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat - @theportraitdude

Have fun, be kind to each other, enjoy the weekend and be excellent to each other guys.  If you see me come say hey!!
See ya soon, enjoy and peace nerds.  
- Dude out


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